A juvenile look, smooth skin and a radiant overall impression of the inner wellbeing mirrored to the outside are wishes coming true with this method of treatment. Especially the loss of the original shape of the face as well as hanging cheeks, decrease of the natural volume in the area of the cheeks, tired or shrunken eye circles or thin lips are considered as bothering signs of age by many people. If you long for the proportions of your youth without having to go under the knife, Liquid Lifting is an interesting alternative for you, an innovative and modern method, completely without surgical intervention for a natural result.

The magic word is “hyaluronic acid”. The skin’s own messenger substance, which is an essential maintainer of our skin’s juvenileness, decreases in the course of the years. This “moisturiser” is a mainstay for the connective tissue. Already at an age of 25, the hyaluronic acid, which gives the face a fresh and well-shaped look, starts to decrease. This leads to the result that the skin looses a big part of its tone, it goes limp, it hangs and appears more wrinkled. As one gets older, the tissue areas in the face descend and so a tired overall impression develops. The hyaluronic acid is brought into the desired region by use of almost painless hyaluronic acid injections (hyaluronic fillers). The selection of hyaluronic fillers consists of a diverse high-quality product range and therefore, accordingly individual results can be achieved. Thanks to the development of effective, various hyaluronic acid connections, long-lasting and natural results have become possible by now. Today, mask-like faces are a thing of the past.

If you have ever got a compliment that you look just like in former times, then you wouldn’t like to miss this feeling. To regain this very feeling and the look connected to it, the so-called dermal fillers are the perfect solution. Especially the cheek, the area of the malar bone, the cheekbone and the chin are important parts of the face which rejuvenate the facial features when they are corrected. Gentle backfilling of the volume is the slogan! So, shrunken cheeks appear fuller or a limp chin regains its shape. Due to its structure, hyaluronic acid also lends itself to compensate wrinkles. The famous “frown line” or the nasolabial folds as well as other expression lines around the mouth are popular areas of application. Lips lose their natural volume over time, too, and the shape of the lips becomes thinner. Too thin or shrunken lips can be filled and made fuller with it.

As before every medical intervention, an extensive and nonbinding consultation ranks first. During the consultation, you can ideally talk about your personal ideas and wishes in a calm atmosphere. An individually adjusted treatment plan is drawn up.

The actual treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes. The hyaluronic acid is injected in the lower layers of the skin via fine cannulas. Due to the fact that a very soft gel of highest quality is used, precisely accurate changes of the facial features can be achieved. The product also contains the local anaesthetic lidocaine, so that there is no pain during the procedure. After the injection for skin rejuvenation, the treated areas are massaged if required to ensure that the material spreads evenly. If small haematoma occur, they can be easily covered.

The points of injection can be cooled if required up to 24 hours after the treatment to reduce swellings. After the Liquid Lifting, sauna, steam bath or extensive sunbathing must be avoided for one to two days. Applying make-up is possible two hours after the treatment.