Fat depots: Arch enemies of every dream figure

Sometimes nothing helps. The fat depots just don’t want to disappear, no matter how unusual or sophisticated the counter measures might seem.

  • Sweating in 90°C hot saunas?
  • Miles-long jogging trips?
  • The membership in the gym?
  • Treatments with ultrasound?
  • Cold showers?
  • Fat-free diets, followed by carbohydrate-free diets and ten more weight-losing concepts?

But what can be done if you are actually in good shape, but the fat depots persistently remain in certain areas of the body? Now there is a solution, it is revolutionary, promising and it is supported by studies.

CoolSculpting®: Cool and ingenious

CoolSculpting® is a concept whose mode of action was discovered by researchers in the USA some years ago. Fat cells are susceptible to cold and therefore they can be removed by use of it. This formula finally reached a certificated result and is now also known as CoolSculpting®. Meanwhile, CoolSculpting® is used as effective method against fat depots by renowned doctors all over the world.

Removal of fat depots: Permanently and without pain

The main advantage of CoolSculpting® lies in its excellent effectiveness in the removal of fat depots. The results are already visible after some weeks and they are permanent. Many patients also value the comfortable and pain-free treatment. Subsequently, the patients can continue their day as usual.

Your doctor’s office for CoolSculpting® in Vienna

Do you want to learn more about the advantages and the exact procedure of CoolSculpting®? Meet Dr. Aigner and his team for an extensive consultation or visit our website www.coolsculpting.wien! The procedure is displayed comprehensively and many basic questions are answered there.