Signs of skin aging like wrinkles, pale skin, eye circles or thin lips make the face appear tired. The natural-beautiful radiance is completely lost over time. When looking at a photo which was taken some years ago, not only the difference concerning the formation of wrinkles may become obvious, but also, above all, the facial features pulling downwards and the limper overall impression. By targeted use of hyaluronic fillers, the facial wrinkles and the overall appearance can be improved to regain a juvenile and natural look.

Hyaluronic acid is a biological material of the own skin, which is the essential keeper of the juvenility of our skin. This “moisturizer” is a mainstay for the connective tissue and the collagen production. Already at an age of 25, the liquid content and the tone of our skin start to decrease, which leads to beginning signs of skin aging. By use of hyaluronic acid injections (hyaluronic fillers), these reserves can be backfilled and additionally various volume deficits can be balanced. The range of hyaluronic fillers consists of a broad high-quality product assortment and therefore, accordingly individual results can be achieved.

The areas of application in the medical field are extensive, and aesthetics could not be imagined without it. They range from direct treatment of wrinkles, compensation of volume deficits to the modelling of the lips or the entire face.

Smoothing of folds of

Nasolabial folds (fold between nose and mouth)

  • Marionette fold
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown line
  • Upper lip wrinkles

Volume and modelling of

  • Cheek bones
  • Malar bone
  • Small corrections in the area of the nose, nasal bump
  • Tear channel-lower lids
  • Chin shape
  • Lip shape
  • Lips
  • Liquid Lifting

In this method, the hyaluronic acid is injected with a fine micro-needle or cannula. Often, the hyaluronic gel contains a small amount of anaesthetic, which acts locally and therefore leads to an almost painless treatment. Our patients can relax completely during the ca. 30 minutes long treatment.

The result is visible immediately and you can go back to your daily routine without delay.

High-quality hyaluronic acid compounds have a duration of effect of up to one year, depending on the treated area. The anti aging effect is maintained if the treatment is repeated in regular intervals. The combination with other treatments such as Plasma Lifting, Botox or Dermaroller enhances the delay of the skin-aging process.