Micro-needling Dermaroller

The method of micro-needling with Dermaroller counts to the regenerative anti aging methods and is a safe alternative to laser treatments.

Many minimal, almost painless punctures, so-called micro-injuries, help to induce the cell regeneration, which leads to an increased collagen- and connective tissue formation. Through these micro channels, it is possible to bring in agents into lower skin layers in a more targeted way. The result is an improvement of the overall tone, a better distribution of moisture and an increased elasticity of the skin.

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté

As in advance to every medical intervention, an extensive and nonbinding consultation is of utmost importance. During this conversation, we talk about your personal expectations and wishes in a relaxed, calm atmosphere. An individual treatment plan is drawn up.

The treatment usually last about 45 minutes, depending on the treated region.

In especially sensitive regions, an anaesthetic ointment can be applied. The needling treatment with the Dermaroller is performed with a needle length starting from 1mm. By targeted rolling over the area to be treated, micro-injuries are caused on the skin. On the one hand, this effect leads to an increased new-formation of collagen and connective tissue fibres, as well as on the other hand to the enhanced uptake of agents. Through these micro channels, high-quality substances like hyaluronic acid, vitamins and nutrients can be brought into lower layers of the skin to take full effect.

5 treatments at an interval of 2 to 3 weeks are recommended. Subsequently, 1 to 2 refreshments per year suffice.

The Dermaroller treatment can be ideally combined with the Plasma Lifting. These two anti aging treatment methods complement and boost their respective effect. Your overall complexion is fresher, more radiant and more juvenile.