Plasma Lifting

Stopping the aging of the skin and retaining a juvenile, fresh look are wishes which can be realised with this gentle method. Many celebrities like Markus Schenkenberg or Bar Rafaeli already trust in this super-doping, which can do so much more than just reduce wrinkles. This treatment is kind of a rejuvenating cure by use of specially processed own blood plasma, also called PRP, which enhances the regeneration-ability of the skin. In combination with hyaluronic fillers, already existing wrinkles can be specifically reduced and the further aging process can be delayed.

This is how Plasma Lifting works

The correct medical term is PRP-therapy, also thrombocytes-rich plasma. These platelets are re-injected by use of many punctures of very fine needles, namely in the areas where the tissue tends to go limp quickly, like for example on the cheeks, the neck or the décolleté.

The blood is immediately centrifuged after extraction. This means that the red and the white blood cells are separated. The obtained plasma contains so-called growth factors. They simulate the connective tissue cells, the production of collagen and elastin is induced and the entire tissue regenerates. The body-own production of hyaluronic acid increases after the injection, whereby more water is bound and the skin appears fuller, more elastic and more juvenile. PRP-plasma additionally attracts stem cells, which also induce the regeneration of the skin cells to the renewed formation of collagen.

The Vampire- or Dracula Lifting has a broad field of application which ranges from the face, the neck, the décolleté and the hands to the treatment of hair loss. In combination with hyaluronic fillers, targeted treatments of wrinkles of for example nasolabial or forehead wrinkles (frown line) are optimally supported. Volume deficits which make a face appear more tired or more limp as well as the correction of lips or sunken-in eye circles are effective areas of application. Additionally, the body’s own collagen synthesis is induced and so, the overall complexion and the structure of the skin improve.

After the extraction, the blood is immediately processed into useable plasma by use of a centrifuge. The introduction of the PRP is made either with almost painless micro-injections in the treatment area or is applied after a Dermaroller-treatment. These very fine needles used in the micro-injections as well as with the Dermaroller also have a medical double-effect next to the targeted introduction of the substances: The hardly perceptible punctures induce the skin cells to increase the production of collagen and elastin, which help the skin to look more regenerated and more toned already after a few weeks. Directly after the treatment, you can go back to your daily routine. The application of make-up should be avoided for two hours.

To reach an optimal result, 3 treatments at an interval of 6 weeks are recommended.

The result of the treatment with one’s own plasma should be refreshed after about one year to delay the effects of skin aging. By doing so, the juvenile “glow” is retained, the skin appears fuller, fresher, more toned and gets more stability.