The Lips

Natural, full lips and a luscious unlined mouth are considered as part of an attractive overall appearance of a woman in our society. The ideas of perfect lips are very individual for everybody. This personal point of view has priority in every treatment and is talked about in an extensive consultation. We offer the possibility to choose from various hyaluronic fillers, and so lips with natural, discreet volume up to full lips can be modelled.

Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s own messenger substance, the essential maintainer of the juvenileness of our skin. This moisturiser is a mainstay for the connective tissue and the collagen production. Already at an age of 25, the liquid content and the tone of the skin start to decrease, which leads to the beginning sings of skin aging. The lips become thinner, the corners of the mouth start do drop and fine wrinkles form above the lip. By use of almost painless hyaluronic acid injections (hyaluronic fillers), the lips can be modelled and wrinkles around the mouth are backfilled. The selection of hyaluronic fillers consists of a diverse high-quality product range and therefore, accordingly individual results can be achieved, adapted to your wishes of perfect lips.

Prior to the treatment, your personal ideas such as shape, volume and overall image of your lips are discussed in a nonbinding consultation.

In this method, the hyaluronic acid is injected via a fine micro-needle. Often the hyaluronic gel contains a small amount of anaesthetic which acts locally and ensures an almost painless treatment.

Building up more volume of the lips, improvement of the shape of the lips or asymmetrical lips can be treated by targeted injections of hyaluronic acid. Lip wrinkles around the mouth or hanging corners of the mouth, which make the face appear older, can be improved by targeted application of hyaluronic fillers.

The result is visible immediately and you can promptly go back to your daily routine.

High-quality hyaluronic acid compounds have a duration of effect of up to one year, in the area of the lips six to eight months.